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Take care of yourself in the new year and make 2018 the year you finally stick to your resolutions.


Did 2017 fly by without you hitting your goals? Are you feeling like you’re stuck and no matter what you do you can’t seem to accomplish anything?

It can be incredibly stressful to see yet another year go by when you feel like you can’t move forward in either your job, relationships or health. To put it simply, it means that something isn’t working for you and it’s time to make a change if you want 2018 to be different.

Make this the year you finally achieve your resolutions and get on the path you’re meant to walk.


This program will help you to get clarity around what you truly want and why, break down the limitations holding you back  and challenge you to reach new levels of happiness and wellbeing.

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1 x 60-minute Goal Setting Session

Together we’ll get clear on your goals, desires and where you’d like to see yourself in 2018. We’ll also discuss where you’re feeling “stuck”. This will allows us to establish our key areas of focus for the weeks ahead.

3 x 60-minute Kinesiology Sessions

Bi-weekly privately held sessions where we unravel the behaviours and patterns holding you back, identify practical solutions and get clear on your purpose, clarity and direction. We’ll use kinesiology techniques such as muscle testing to tap into your subconscious and learn what your mind and body are trying to tell you. You’ll leave each session feeling pain free and aligned with your goals.

1 custom essential oil blend

We’ll dig into my collection of ethically sourced essential oils to create a personalized blend to support you. This blend will be your go to tool in between sessions to help connect you back to your path and support you in your overall well being. We’ll determine the exact oils you need based on your specific muscle testing results.

Your Investment: $650